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Meet the team behind RevGen and learn more about the group helping you with your campaigns. See our experience, interests and more.


Founder and Managing Director

Mike has worked across several industries in sales for over a decade, including working in offices in London, New York, Dubai, Beijing, Venice and Lisbon. Detail orientated and a perfectionist, Mike is a still a very approachable, friendly person who would rather meet for a coffee than over Zoom. He and his family are based in London and Bristol and likes to spend his spare time in a muddy field with the dogs followed by a pub lunch.


Marketing Manager

Abbi has worked in all aspects of marketing, from PR and email to social media and influencer collaborations. She loves to experiment with new strategies to reach wider audiences and grow your engagement further. She is currently completing her Digital Marketing degree with us.


Sales Team Leader

With a winning combination of charm and industry expertise, Malcolm leads the sales team at RevGen. Their proactive approach and genuine passion for helping clients achieve success set them apart in a crowded marketplace.


Senior Sales Agent

A seasoned sales luminary with decades of industry expertise and a reputation for driving transformative growth. With a strategic mindset honed through years of experience, they lead by example, inspiring teams to reach new heights of success and innovation while fostering an environment of collaboration and excellence.


Sales Agent

The creative sales dynamo who thrives on challenges and thrills at exceeding expectations. Their personable demeanor and strategic mindset make them a valuable asset in any sales endeavor, delivering results that speak volumes about their commitment to excellence.


Sales Agent

Driven and ambitious, Kelly loves building rapour with her prospects, leaving a lasting impression. Their genuine approach and knack for problem-solving make every client interaction a rewarding experience.


Sales Agent

Your friendly neighborhood sales expert on a mission to redefine excellence in customer service. Armed with charisma and a penchant for negotiation, they consistently go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and drive bottom-line growth.


Sales Agent

Known for their boundless energy and unwavering dedication, Chris is the go-to sales guru for businesses seeking unparalleled results. Their genuine approach and knack for problem-solving make every client interaction a rewarding experience.


Sales Agent

A distinguished sales veteran, Ben has a wealth of wisdom and a track record of elevating teams to unprecedented levels of achievement. Their leadership prowess and extensive industry knowledge positions them as a trusted advisor, guiding both colleagues and clients towards unparalleled success with grace and integrity.

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