How is my business relevant?

We work with all kinds of businesses that want to grow their reach through smart, considerate out bounding whilst remaining compliant and informative! 

If that sounds at all like you then you definitely sound like our ideal partner! 

Is it GDPR compliant? 

Our software is designed to pull from 140 data points of GDPR compliant B2B data. We do this is an automated but considerate way, so to make sure all of our integrations are positive and bring value to both sides.  

How is RevGen different from other sales agencies providing lead generation as a service?

We use AI Driven Platforms to find the best audience for you – based on the right business, person within that business and USPs to target them with. This means we can deliver fast, accurate and ready-to-convert leads in hours. Not days.

We offer flexible contracts with no tie ins, and no charge for campaign writing for our email marketing services. Our services utilise 140 data points and 60 demographics, whereas our competitors only use 3 to 4.

How do the SDRs, BDMs and telemarketers work in real-time with our team?

Our systems are designed to integrate remotely, meaning we can give you up-to-date information at every step of the process. So you know exactly what’s going on, and when.

How does RevGen work remotely?

We were born remote in October 2020, at a time when client and customer landscapes were rapidly adapting to unforeseen circumstances. We didn’t have to adapt, which means we can deliver a standard of excellence that other businesses simply haven’t had time to achieve.

Plus, as our demand generation is carried out using tech and software, we can use our ‘in-house’ software to generate highly accurate leads in a more efficient and time-saving manner.

Is your service cost inclusive of consultancy charges?

At RevGen we don’t charge setup or writing fees. This means we absorb all consultancy fees.

How is integration possible? We already have an existing sales team.

By providing warm opportunities for your sales team to close, we work as the first link in the sales journey chain. This allows your sales team to focus on what they do best – selling! Plus, we can plug into your CRM to keep everything tracked in real time.

How does your outbound support work in line with our existing sales team?

We’re able to work in tandem with your sales team, allowing them to spend more time on selling and less time searching for opportunities. We deliver warm opportunities for them to close – simply and effectively working as the first step in the sales journey.

What is the cost of hiring RevGen?

Our pricing package is structured in a way that means you only pay for what you need. If your team only requires leads, we can provide that. However if you need a more comprehensive management team, we can handle that too – why not take a moment and check out our ROI calculator?

What makes us different is that we’re more competitive than any other organisation in the market as we offer our services as an affordable and stress-free alternative. Want to read through our Sales Pack?

How does RevGen help us save £28,000 per annum?

£28k is the average salary of an SDR doing the same role. This doesn’t even take into account the additional licenses needed to carry out the role, recruitment costs and HR costs.

How do you qualify your leads?

Firstly, we take the time to understand your business, your services/products using detailed demographics to remove unqualified leads and push forward those who fit your specific criteria. 

We do this using tech-driven processes with artificial intelligence based systems to cultivate highly-relevant and accurate leads. The more detailed the audience the better – we love niche!

Need something bespoke?

We can create a solution as unique as your business - just get in touch with someone in the team and let us create something bespoke that works for you.
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