Our Case Studies

Top UK Finance Brand

15 % Success Rate

We were tasked with launching the sales campaign for a new financial product, which we were targeting a specific business type and stakeholder within. We used an algorithm to target the tech usages within the businesses, which gave us an advantage in the USPs we focused on.

UK Marketing Agency

17% Success Rate

Targeting businesses which were at a specific stage in their development, and so required the relevant services we were pitching. We focused on key stakeholders at two levels- decision makers and influencers, allowing for a multiple entry point approach giving all levels of decision making a clear and fast approval for the sale.

UK Events Production Business

13% Success Rate

We worked with this agency to focus on a post-pandemic recovery from the events industry being shut. We focused on businesses of a specific size and structure, and targeted them separately dependant on if they sponsored, exhibited or attended certain trade shows in the years prior. This gave us a knowledgeable approach to pitch the relevant services at the correct price points.

SaaS Platform

6% Success Rate

Focusing on the growth of their Enterprise level packages, we were tasked with approaching Leadership figures in FTSE 500 companies and introducing the brand to them, the call to action being a meeting booked. We were able to gain the interest of the target audience and exceed our ROI targets for the client by 5x.

SaaS Product

8% Success Rate

Targeting the Banking and Financial Sector, our aim was to increase brand awareness for the new software, whilst generating direct opportunities. We were able to increase brand awareness by connecting with 85% of our target audience directly, in addition to exceeding our expected bookings target.

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