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Discover the key to elevating your brand with our tailored social media services, designed to be cost-effective and personal.

Our unique approach promises both affordability and a personalised touch while having the support of a full social media agency behind you.

Get ready for an exciting journey towards brand success, made just for you!
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Social Media With Ease

Personalised Content

We research and craft content that is unique to your business and industry, for an affordable price.

Little Involvement Needed

Each month you'll receive a content calendar showing all of your posts for the month. You simply approve the content and we'll do the rest!


Your monthly content should take you no more than 15 minutes a month to approve and that's all we ask!

Video Add-Ons

As an extra, we can plan and script videos for you. All you'll need to do is spend half an hour filming content that is pre-planned for the month.

How it Works

We learn and tailor content specifically to suit your business, using our expertise as a social media agency to help grow your brand awareness.

1. Research

We research your industry, competitors, trends and more!

We'll create a thorough analysis document that helps us to plan the best content for your company going forward, suited to each platform.

2. Content Creation

We'll create a content calendar showing you the topic, platform, dates, imagery, caption and hashtags used for each post that month.

You scroll through and approve the posts, or let us know any changes needed at all.
Then, simply leave us to schedule for the month!

3. Analysis

We'll monitor your social media weekly to see what's working best. The calendar adapts based on what we find and what's relevant for you each month.

You'll get a report telling you what we've found successful and how we'll be switching it up for the best results!
Our team can help you with organic social posts, paid ads, influencer work and more, so content the team or view BuzzGen's services page for more.
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Who Do We Work With?

BuzzGen works with any B2B or B2C business that wants to grow its brand awareness and become more present online. Our services aim to deliver a social media strategy that is made specifically for your business and industry, as opposed to making a one-size-fits-all plan. Simply tell us what your target audience is and what your goals are for the future and we'll make content to reflect this.

Depending on your needs, we can help you create organic posts and hold a content shoot with your staff, work with existing material to build content or just guide you with captions and topics, letting your team remain in control of social media. You choose the level of support you want.
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Why use BuzzGen as your

Social Media Agency?

Many social media agencies will send you disjointed content weekly and expect lots of input from your side- that's not the case with BuzzGen.

We know that it can be hard to find a moment for your marketing and so that's why we created an easy plan to grow your company's awareness. BuzzGen takes our expert sales skills from RevGen and combines it with a convenient, afforable social media strategy to ease up your team's time.

Get in touch with our team to increase your business' presence and work with BuzzGen today.
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"BuzzGen have recently taken over our social media management. They have increased our presence on all platforms dramatically where other companies have failed. We are very happy with their professional service and creativity - we are starting to get through enquires and positive leads. Really worth giving them a try as we are more than happy with their expertise in online advertising.”

David Chill, Versatility In Print

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Need something bespoke?

We can create a solution as unique as your business - just get in touch with someone in the team and let us create something bespoke that works for you.
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Reliable results that you won’t get with any other B2B agency.
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