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Find out how we can propel your brand with bespoke B2B marketing services; using our intuitive and accurate AI-driven approach for fast, reliable results you won’t get with any other B2B agency.
Specialised lead generation services using 140 unique data points in the UK
AI-driven leads using 60 demographics for granular targeting
Internally managed email marketing campaigns & lead generation
Fast, reliable and accurate results in hours, not days

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We can find your perfect Prospects, searching over 140 data points and 60 Demographics to make your targets as specific as your offering

With Standard Service, We email your prospects with professionally written campaigns written by marketing professionals. These are sent using proven methods and closely monitored by your dedicated account manager.

With Full Service, we complete all of the above in addition to our SDRs will call out to your prospects from the perspective of one of your own- setting up meetings/sales demos to be closed internally.

We’re Revolutionising B2B Services

What makes us different from any other B2B agency in the UK? We utilise the creative talent from within the UK itself, sourcing our teams and databases from 140 high quality data points — whereas other data competitors only use 3. Intrigued? Good.

We operate a SaaS model, allowing our focus audience to easily integrate and grow us. Our clients commit to our process, and return see qualified, nurtured and prepared prospects. Our aim is never to pass on as many Leads as possible, but rather to deliver inclined, informed and anticipating opportunities.
Plus, our approach is founded in AI processes that ensure your message reaches the most accurate and in-market audiences possible. This is the case whether that’s as part of our bespoke lead generation services, or if we’re carrying out dedicated outbound calling services for your business.

We’re determined to change the narrative when it comes to B2B services, simply by being the best B2B agency out there. Delivering higher quality communications, statistics-driven results at a faster turnaround, without compromising on our exacting standards.

At RevGen, we work smarter AND harder to create a more efficient sales journey that takes your business to a whole new level. So let's get talking.
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Our Services

With expert teams and specialised, AI-driven processes, we're dedicated to achieving real results for your business. Explore how our direct marketing services can skyrocket your performance.

Bespoke Lead Generation Services

AI-driven. Fast. More efficient than any other B2B digital marketing agency you’ll have come across. Find out how our accurate and qualified leads, delivered in hours, not days, can propel your business from strength to strength.
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Qualified Email Marketing

Because our success lies in our AI driven approach, it means we can source data to target audiences at a more granular level than other B2B email marketing services. Plus, we never send batch emails, but focus on personal messages that deliver results, every time.
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Outsourced Outbound Calling

We’re firm believers that the best sales teams are those that treat prospective clients and customers like people. Due to our highly accurate data, it’s less about cold calling and more about making those meaningful connections to drive conversations that turn to conversions. Plus, we only work with the top-tier sales teams, utilising the creative sales talent of highly qualified, experienced SDRs.
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How it Works

We integrate with your way of working, using our expertise as a direct marketing agency, to achieve real results for your business.

1.Lead Generation

We use an AI-Driven Algorithm combined with our collective research and experience to create a direct and tailored approach to your ideal target audiences. We named this Smart Targeting, as no one else in the industry is doing this... we had to make up our own term!

2.Outbound Support

We build a personable, thoughtful and success-driven approach from our consultative onboarding process. We manage the entire process from beginning to end, and continue to analyse and enhance the algorithms on a constant basis. A dedicated account manager is always to hand - and so can question or query anything and anytime.

3.Personnel Provision

If you need more than just support, we can fully integrate into your team with part/full-time people without needing to actually hire someone
  • We’ve worked with Mike and the team on multiple accounts now, with consistent results and a refreshingly professional approach to Lead Generation and Demand Generation. We have always achieved our ROI thanks to their brilliant process. They have become our long-term partners and look forward to our continued success!
    Justine Cross
    Managing Director at EMEA Channels
  • After a successful campaign in Europe, RevGen now cover our Global outreach. They successfully identified our perfect audience using filters we didn’t know existing and created a campaign that struck a clear chord. They are by far the most cost-effective and successful agency we have used.
    Aswin Unnikrishnan
    Chief Operating Officer at C3M
  • “It's been a pleasure to work with Mike and his team at RevGen and we are already seeing results in the early phases of working together so it's been a win/win so far!
    Vicki Jakes
    Director at smith + jakes
  • I have been working with RevGen for most of 2021 and have found Michael to be courteous, diligent and thorough. At no point did I feel rushed and Michael was able to clearly talk me through the process and provide advice on content where needed. I would highly recommend Michael and his team at RevGen to anyone looking to expand their wider business.
    Rupert J Connor
    Partner at Abacus Financial Consultants LLC
  • When I was looking to automate my outbound lead generation, RevGen immediately stood out to me. The friendly approach from the team and a genuine interest in me and my business was a winning combination for me. When working together I was blown away by the level of detail the team went into to understand who I wanted to target and the key message and outcome I wanted to get across. Excellent service and support from start to finish and I have had the results from my campaigns to go with it. Thanks RevGen!
    Paul Green
    Founder of The Cockpit Method

Why Choose Us As Your B2B Marketing Agency?

We worked closely with many businesses before we realised — why are sales teams focused on admin, rather than actually selling?

The sales journey can be mired with generic audience information, batch-sent emails with no segmentation, cold calls with no prior qualification, generic LinkedIn requests leading to actively unproductive work. All of this leads to ineffective funnels, communication efforts that don’t lead anywhere, and frustrated sales teams.
So, we decided to put a stop to it. Because our teams have full control over the accuracy and reliability of the results we can generate for your business.

Our fully AI-driven approach means that not only can we significantly diminish the time you’re waiting on these results, but they’re accurate.

Because we utilise an AI-centered approach, it means that we can get to the nitty gritty of your ideal audience, identifying crucial demographics for your business at a truly bespoke level. This is something that our competitors simply don’t do.

We don’t settle for mediocre, and neither should you.

So why not work with a B2B agency that’s as obsessed about doing things ‘properly’ as you, and get in touch with our team today?

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Reliable results that you won’t get with any other B2B agency.
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